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Road events are fun-packed and more family-oriented events but are in no way ordinary. These types of events involve attention to detail as well as an acute sense of direction. Road events include Concours, Rallies and Tours. A Concours is best described as a car show where owners compete for which car is in “most perfect condition”. A Rally is an exercise in following directions and maneuvering your car through a given set of instructions that describe a route that you should follow. Tours are an opportunity to bring your family or friends, meet new people, to enjoy the scenery of the Connecticut Valley and enjoy driving your Porsche!

Upcoming Road Events

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08 Apr Coffee Run - Bear Mountain - Stamford, CT  
14 Apr Coffee Run - Vanilla Bean Run - Pomfret, CT  
29 Apr Spring Rally  
06 May Coffee Run - Just Because - Stamford, CT  
18 May -- 20 May Spring Tour 2018 Manchester Village, VT   -Tour details, including updated reservation process 1/17/2018: Registration is Open!! Register by 4/18/18
26 May Coffee Run - CT River Tour - East Haddam, CT  
16 Jun Coffee Run - Scituate Reservoir Loop - Scituate, RI  
17 Jun 45th Annual CVR Concours  
23 Jun Coffee Run - The Water Wheel - Stamford, CT  
08 Jul -- 14 Jul Porsche Parade - Lake of the Ozarks  
22 Jul Coffee Run - West Chester Loop - Stamford, CT  
28 Jul Coffee Run - TBD  
11 Aug Coffee Run to Lime Rock Park  A great opportunity to see what Drivers Education and Autocross are all about.
19 Aug Coffee Run - Windmill - Stamford, CT  
25 Aug Coffee Run - Brooklyn Buttery Run - Brooklyn, CT  
09 Sep Coffee Run - Zig-Zag - Stamford, CT  
22 Sep Coffee Run - Newport Car Museum - Portsmouth, RI  
07 Oct Fall Rally  
20 Oct Coffee Run - Buttonwood Farms, Preston, CT  
28 Oct Coffee Run - Kent Falls - Stamford, CT  
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