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Rally is both a fun and competitive event with the objective of following a course. Course following or gimmick rallies are just about following the course that has been laid out by the Rallymaster, generally on roads that are scenic or fun to drive. Time Speed Distance (TSD) rallies have the objective of not only following the Rallymasterís course, but doing it to a defined average speed at or below the local speed limits. Both types of rallies are done on public roads, and the directions are precise. All that is required besides your Porsche is a driver, a navigator, a clipboard, a pencil (a couple of highlighters also is helpful) and for TSD rallies you will also need a watch with a stopwatch function. The object is to stay on course and in a TSD rally pass the check points at exactly the correct time based on the speeds given in the instructions.

The rally will end at a restaurant or inn where the scoring is assembled and the awards given for the winners in each of several classes of rallyists (beginner, novice & rallyist).

Course following or Gimmick Rally Basics

Time-Speed-Distance Rally Basics

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