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CVR Bylaws dated May 10, 2016 - click here Last ammended on April 3, 2017
All participants, including the chairpersons organizing/running the event, pay the registration fee if they derive social/participatory benefits. If you play you pay. Exceptions by prior Board approval.
Historically CVR Board Members have generously provided time and resources to the Club, which has helped to keep CVR's operating costs low. This practice continues to be appreciated.

However, Board Members are not expected to incur an undue financial burden in performing pure Club business. Costs incurred by Board Members in the direct and sole performance of their approved/assigned positions are reimbursable. Some examples of allowable costs are: photocopying/printing, mailing and phone charges. Other costs need approval by the President.

The above reimbursements are not intended to subsidize Board Members participation or their personal travel and living expenses while scouting out or going to events. When there is participatory, social or business benefit for the Board Members, costs will not be reimbursed.
The CVR Membership List is not to be distributed or used by any Member for personal gain, direct or indirect. The list is not for sale.
CVR does not endorse any product or service. Challenge articles should not imply endorsement (but certainly should provide thanks for support given to CVR members by businesses or individuals).
Board Members should act in an ethical, courteous manner.
Board Members are strongly encouraged to attend all Board and Monthly Meetings. Please notify the President or Secretary prior to any Board Meeting that you can't make.
To appropriately acknowledge the sustained and significant leadership put forth by CVR elected board members and duly-appointed activity chairs in good standing, upon retirement from the CVR Board of Directors after having performed one or more of those positions for at least five cumulative years, CVR policy is to publicly acknowledge their contributions with an appropriately significant award, such as special artwork or its equivalent. The award should be equivalent for all such elected officers and activity chairs. If an elected board member has served in such a position for fewer than five years, by vote of the CVR Board of Directors with sufficient quorum, the same award should also be presented to the elected board member.
CVR identifies, approaches and maintains long-term relationships with commercial and nonprofit enterprises, including automobile dealerships, retailers, vendors and charities. Without the sponsorships and support of these enterprises, CVR would have to reduce the number and quality of the events that it offers to its members. In appreciation of their assistance, CVR provides appropriate recognition that reaffirms to its sponsors and supporters that their financial contributions and overall assistance are sincerely appreciated. This recognition may include acknowledgement at an event, in Challenge, on the region's website and in thank-you letters. Beyond this recognition, CVR demonstrates its appreciation by exploring additional avenues of partnership with its sponsors and supporters. These avenues may include an arrangement with a sponsor to purchase CVR memberships for its customers, to host CVR events at their place of business and to exhibit their products at CVR events. They may also include more mutually planned and hosted events, such as technical sessions, product demonstrations, explanations of service and charity-based fundraisers. CVR's recognition of its sponsors and supporters and its partnerships with them are conducted in good faith and in a manner that complements the mission and interests of CVR and the Porsche Club of America. CVR reserves the rights in all circumstances to protect the privacy of its members.
CVR recognizes its members' broad interests in automobiles and in automobile-related events. Some events do not pertain to Porsches and are not affiliated with CVR or the Porsche Club of America. In service to its members, the region maintains a separate page on its website that lists select non-CVR and non-PCA car-related events in which club members might have interest. To qualify for listing on the region's website, these car-related events must not conflict with scheduled CVR events of the same type, must not conflict with CVR sponsors and must not represent or promote competitive products or services to Porsche. In the case of charity events, such events must be compatible with the region's community-service initiatives and have a connection with the region. Requests to be listed on the region's website are presented to the region's board of directors and approved by majority vote of the board. If time constraints preclude board action on such requests, the region's president or the president's designate makes the determination that the event meets or does not meet the aforementioned criteria for listing on the website and withholds or provides permission for the listing accordingly. Consistent with Policy G4, postings of non-CVR and non-PCA events on the region's website do not indicate or imply CVR affiliation with or endorsement of the events. CVR reserves the rights in all circumstances to protect the privacy of its members.
All events should be priced to "break even" or hopefully contribute something to the treasury (to help defray hidden/overhead costs such as the space used in the Challenge to advertise or report on the event). Exceptions need prior Board approval.
Chosen approach to achieve "break even" status needs prior Board approval. Specifically, entry/registration fees, raffles and sponsorship.
Board Members cannot commit CVR's money without prior Board approval. In a panic, the President's or highest available elected officer's approval is needed (and they should try to get other officers approval proportional to the size of the commitment). CVR is not liable for "deposits" made without prior approvals.
Financial accountability shall be provided for all CVR events and functions. A list of participants and fees paid should be kept.
The Treasurer's direct control and supervision over all the Club's financial accounts include control and supervision over all standing, ad hoc, activity-specific and event-specific accounts, including, for example, the PayPal Accounts maintained for Club Race and Drivers Education.
It is the event chairperson's responsibility to:
Advertise their events. Be sure that the Challenge runs your ad in the appropriate issue and the webmaster gets a copy of the ad. Supply all the details.
Request insurance coverage from the Secretary with the appropriate lead times to provide the event location with an advance copy. Supply all the details.
Post copy of insurance in view of participants at all events.
Ensure ALL people sign waivers at event.
Obtain CVR check from Treasurer prior to event if needed.
Pass along written job description, list of contacts, inventory (with checklist), etc. to their successors.
End of Policies

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